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Press day for The Bling Lagosians!

The premiere for the Bling Lagosians last weekend was amazing! This week we are starting off our press tour with Eco Bank Nigeria! Today I was able to meet and greet supporters of this amazing movie. I really love that this film is showing a great side of Nigeria, the glamours side, what we as Nigerians knows exist but the international media needs to become more familiarized with. I felt very welcomed by the staff of Eco bank, I had such a great time meeting supporters of Nollywood and promoting this incredible film. I will be uploading a behind the scenes video of this event on my youtube channel. If you are not subscribed to my channel already please do so with this link. www.youtube.com/alexxekubotv Please make sure you purchase tickets before its sold out! It is out nationwide JUNE 28TH tickets are available now at film house cinemas. Check out my look for the Eco Bank press day Outfit by Nack Apparel Ring by Zodiacaa!

Video coming soon only on my YouTube channel subscribe now! www.youtube.com/alexxekubotv

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