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The most anticipated trailer is out now for the Bling Lagosians movie!

Hey guys!

Im super excited! I play a character named Nmandi in this movie and he’s definitely a character to remember!

What’s this movie all about?

Mrs Holloway plans to make her 51st birthday party big with one million dollars! On June 28TH the award-winning director Bolane Austen Peters takes us through the life of the elite in her directorial debut “The Bling Lagosians” A compelling story giving us a glimpse into the lifestyle of the 1% of the 1% and their inner circle of the ruling elite. They are super rich and they do not feel guilty about it one bit!

The 1% of the 1%, The owners of the city, The Royalty! Staring myself playing Nnamdi and many other of your amazing superstar actors!

Check out this short clip to get to know him my character and to see the amazing trailer!


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